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Hello, welcome to visit the Xiaoya Group home appliance website!


Duckling Group showcased at the 125th Canton Fair

2019-04-19 00:00:00

On April 15, the 125th China Import and Export Commodity Fair (Guangzhou Fair for short) opened in Guangzhou. With its professional technology and outstanding strength, the duckling was brilliant in the exhibition and won wide attention and praise from many customers.


During the exhibition, the duckling received more than 120 businessmen from Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and other regions. The vast number of businessmen showed great interest in ducklings'energy-saving, green, innovative design and full-featured intelligent drum washing machines, wall-mounted mini washing machines and double-cylinder washing machines, and reached a long-term and in-depth cooperation with ducklings.

An American customer told us at the exhibition that there are no more than three manufacturers of drum washing machines in the US market at the Canton Fair, which has a history of nearly 100 years. Duckling is one of them.



During the exhibition, the leaders of the Ji'nan municipal commercial bureau and municipal government office visited the ducklings booth to give guidance to the duckling. They praised the duckling and encouraged the duckling to seize the opportunity, boldly forge ahead and take the courage to play the role.

Leadership and internationalization of product technology

Duckling Group is the first Asian manufacturer of drum washing machines. It is also the only domestic manufacturer of washing machines with capacity ranging from 2 kg to 200 kg. The duckling has a post-doctoral research station and Shandong Engineering Technology Center. It adheres to innovation-driven, develops and manufactures the world's first condensation, direct-drain and drying drum washing machine. It has two national patents from China and the United States. It sells well in Walmart, Homedepot, Lowe's, Sam's, Sears, Cosco, Amzon and other mainstream channels in the United States. It is widely used in car, yacht, apartment and so on.

At present, ducklings are actively exploring breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, voice interaction, remote control, intelligent household appliances management and other aspects, to create new ducklings of information, intelligence and automation, to achieve enterprise transformation and upgrading.

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