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Hello, welcome to visit the Xiaoya Group home appliance website!


[AWE Fair Documentation] The duckling is ready for departure, just waiting for y

2019-03-13 00:00:00

AWE China Home Appliances Fair, 2019

The duckling is ready!

March 14-17, 2019

A gathering of heroes, focusing on Shanghai

With the theme of "Intellectual Enjoyment + Duckling Makes the City Better"

Duckling AWE Show is about to open!

11 March 2019

Relevant exhibitors of Shandong Duckling Group

Approaching the exhibition hall ahead of schedule

After three busy days

Shanghai AWE duckling exhibition hall has been completed

The duckling exhibition staff are also ready.

Get ready, get ready

The duckling welcomes everyone with a new look at the same time

We will show you more products with new technologies and concepts.

As an excellent window for insights into the innovation trend of the global household appliances and consumer electronics industry, Shandong Duckling Group will carry four major industries to exhibit new products of duckling's new technology, new concept and new concept of wisdom life, such as household washing machine, commercial washing equipment, commercial refrigeration display cabinet, household kitchen and sanitary appliances, solar energy + multi-energy complementary application and other scientific and technological products.

Duckling Washing Technology Industry-Pioneer of Domestic Drum Washing Machine

As the pioneer of drum washing technology in China, the family of duckling drum washing machine products covers household washing machines, commercial washing machines and industrial washing machines. With a capacity of less than 2 kg and a capacity of up to 200 kg, it is the only production-oriented enterprise in the industry that can provide a full range of drum washing machines. It is the best provider of home washing, commercial self-service washing, social washing and various professional washing solutions.

In this exhibition, duckling household appliances focus on the concept of intelligence, energy saving and health, to create higher quality and high performance intelligent household washing products for consumers.

Duckling Cold Chain Industry: Famous Family and Global Service


The duckling cold chain industry has introduced a complete set of Italian refrigeration technology to keep up with the international development trend, and has established a leading position in the field of new refrigerant application, energy saving technology, wind curtain technology and other fields. It has become one of the preferred brands for professional customers such as large-scale stores, supermarkets, convenience stores and unsold terminals.

Duckling Consumer Electrical Appliance Industry-Integral Kitchen Expert


Duckling household appliances cover all kinds of consumer electrical products, such as cigarette appliances, kitchen appliances, etc. The products exhibited in this exhibition include automatic cruise hood suction machine which can automatically adjust suction according to flue pressure, electric water heater which can be remotely operated by WIFI, and air purifier which can be shared. Through the adoption of intelligent technology, the user's experience has been greatly improved.

New Energy Industry: Creator and Promoter of Comprehensive Utilization of "Solar Energy+Multi-energy Complementarity"


As the first batch of well-known state-owned enterprises involved in solar energy industry in China, duckling new energy develops a series of energy-saving products, such as photovoltaic, photothermal, air energy, gas wall-mounted stove and so on. It provides a systematic solution for regional heating, hot water supply, green power, home heating and hot water system.

Facing the light of wisdom, all the way south;

With the power of science and technology, all the way south;

14-17 March

Shanghai AWE New International Expo Center W2-2H81

The duckling exhibition hall looks forward to your arrival

We're all together!


Do you think it's over?

Did not!

AWE duckling exhibition hall brings you a product feast at the same time.

3.14 (Thursday)

From 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Duckling group

United Shandong Broadcasting People's Radio

Live media broadcast in Shanghai

During the live broadcast, there are more gifts!

Which prizes are waiting for you?

Duckling pottery stove with a value of 370 yuan

Duck Voltage Cooker with a Value of 360 Yuan

Duckling Warm Cup with a Value of 160 Yuan

Duckling rice cooker with a value of 146 yuan

Duckling electric oven valued at 136 yuan

Duckling Hand-held Scalding Machine with a Value of 76 Yuan

Duckling yogurt machine with a value of 66 yuan

More Valuable Duckling Mini Wall-hanging Drum Washing MachineSuper Prize waiting for you!

A total of 60 awards were awarded by ducklings

Almost every 10 minutes a prize is given out

The chances of winning the lottery are very high!

Do you have your favorite prize?

If so,

Then be ready.

Maybe the thousand-dollar prize is yours.


1. Identify the following two-dimensional code or pay attention to Wechat Public Number: Shandong People's Radio can participate in the program interaction by clicking on the Medium Live Broadcasting Room, smashing the golden eggs and winning the prize.

2. Sweep the two-dimensional tremble code or pay attention to the official tremble number: "official account of duckling group" (xiaoya 1979) or "Shandong People's Broadcasting Station" (906645614), double-click the screen to praise and comment on the short video, you can participate in the lottery. The winners list will be published on Wechat Public Number and in private letters to the tremolo fans. Please pay attention to the winning information. (Tip: Early participation is more likely to win the prize!)


Recognition of two-dimensional codes

Can participate in live interaction

Break Golden Eggs, Win the Grand Prize


Sweep with tremble

Scan code to pay attention to official tremolo

Double-click Comment and Comment on Short Video

You can take part in the lottery.

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