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Hello, welcome to visit the Xiaoya Group home appliance website!

About Us

About Us

Since its establishment in 1979, the Duckling brand has grown along with the reform and opening up, from technology introduction to independent innovation, creating a precedent in the industry and leading the market. In the history of the development of China's home appliance industry, the light shines. After nearly forty years of baptism in the sea of merchants, it has always stood firm and prosperous. It has long been famous and it has already become famous in Kyushu.

As the main business of Xiaoya Group, for 40 years, Xiaoya Home Appliances has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of “learning, pursuing, innovating and surpassing” and the business philosophy of creating value for customers. By relying on scientific and technological progress, the company has achieved rapid development. On the solid foundation of years of technology accumulation, Xiaoya Home Appliances has developed a national patented washing machine, which completely solves the worldwide problem of dirt and bacteria in the washing machine between the inner and outer cylinders, causing a sensation in the industry and the market. Strong response; especially after the technical upgrades in recent years, the patented products of energy-saving, environmental protection and healthy washing machines developed by the company are in line with national policies and promote people's livelihood. The duckling washing machine is favored by consumers in the domestic market and has obvious competitiveness in overseas markets.

Standing at a new historical starting point, the ducklings will make great efforts to seek leaps and bounds, face the tide of international economic ups and downs, shoulder the heavy responsibility of revitalizing the national industry, and want to bring historical glory, show their ambitions, and fluctuate and win the championship. The water hits three thousand miles and stands out.

  • 1979

    The first duckling washing machine came out

  • 1986

    Sangio duckling, the first drum washing machine in China

  • 1987

    Duckling Washing Machine Wins National Quality Award

  • 1994

    The duckling washing machine has passed the ISO 9001 international quality system certification at one time, and has successively obtained German GS, European CE, American UL international safety certification and national 3C certification, becoming a world-class qualified supplier.

  • 1999

    The duckling brand won the title of "China's Famous Trademark"

  • 2001

    Duckling Washing Machine was awarded the first batch of "National Quality Exemption Products" and "Chinese Famous Brand Products"

  • 2007

    From 2007 to 2012, ducklings won the national bidding for home appliances in the countryside for five consecutive years.

  • 2009

    Duckling won the first prize in the service of national household appliances to the countryside

  • 2012

    Ducklings are listed in the national "energy-saving products benefit people project" promotion enterprises

  • 2012

    The duckling brand won the top ten brands in China's household appliances industry

  • 2014

    Recommended Products by Provincial Home Appliances Association

  • 2015

    Best Business Ethics Enterprise in the United States; Best Recommended Products by China Home Appliance Business Association Baicheng Wandian; 30 Years Excellent Brand Award for Chinese Home Appliances; Prague Master Award in 2015 (1000 People's Congress of China Home Appliances Channel); Top Ten Best-selling Brands of Chinese Home Appliances

  • 2016

    China's Top Ten Service Providers in Electronic and Electrical Services

  • 2017

    Golden Ding Award for Excellent Enterprise, Best Product Design and Best Laundry Technology

  • 2018

    The duckling washing machine passed the new national standard in the first batch and became the "leader" of the industry.

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